Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Morning

We made it in and out of Port without too much drama yesterday. Lisa is a nervous passenger and clearly does not understand what is required to drive in this country. She scares me more then these roads or these drivers ... After her screaming episode it took ten minutes for my heart to stop pounding. Jill, she says she is more like you than she cares to admit, what with the screaming and being nervous and all.

We waited a long time for our group to get out of the airport, just when we were starting to think they were not on the plane they came out of the airport.

We passed Troy on the road as he was heading in to get the next group of people on the last flight of the day. Right after we saw him he got a flat tire. There had been much negotiating and deciding who should take which truck ... Let me just say it is a darn good thing I did not take the truck that got the flat tire. That would have cause *ME* to scream (and cry.) Troy has decided that I will no longer drive without a man in the truck, he said had I been the one stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire, it would not have been pretty.

He was able to call a nearby mission and get them to come help him get a spare tire on, he still made it to the airport in time to get his group.

There was a big concert here last night. Five different groups performed. The goal seems to be to sing the loudest ... whoever distorts the sound the most wins. Or something like that. It was fun though, to have a lot of the community here for the concert and the meal that followed. These sorts of events are right up Paige's alley. She enjoys the hubbub surrounding special events.

We are spending our last day with Lisa and Declan today. Declan is working fast and furious to get as much of the medical clinic finished as possible. We will send them off tomorrow. Lisa has confirmed that she IS NOT called to live and/or work in Haiti. She is called to remain close to a Target store. We're glad we could help her straighten that all out in her mind. We're such a blessing to her. ;-)

Out of all of her ideas, I actually think the water-slide is one that should be implemented. The hill is there, just waiting to be utilized. I'll need to present the idea to the boss-men --- I'm sure they'll think that is an EXCELLENT use of donor funds. It could be a Christmas gift for the Livesay Family. ;-) Or not. If they don't want to get us a waterslide, maybe we can ask for the Target foam balls.

I need to keep reminding myself that it is ONE WEEK until Christmas. Are you ready?

More Tonight ...

Tara for all of us

PS- Granny Porter- I LOVE YOU! I cannot believe I am missing hanging out with you. I hope you feel better soon. We're all thinking of you.