Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ripping Off Someone Else's Good Thoughts

We completed the work of the day, with satisfactory success. Port au Prince hated us much less than she usually does. That was nice.

In the evenings when we would normally blog and communicate with you, we are talking to Lisa and Declan and eating and having fun ... so the blog is getting neglected. We're kind of sorry.

Tonight, go read Jen's post over here. She is taking care of business for us. NICE work Jen!

Tomorrow, a tap-tap load of blans are coming out to visit the mission. They are from Three Angels Orphanage. A friend who adopted at the same time we did (2002) will be in the group, for those of you from the PIHS days, her initials are S.W. and she adopted Miguel. I am PUMPED to see her. I am sure I will get to meet a lot of other really cool people too. They are staying for a few hours, checking out the mission, etc ... and then we are going to lead them up to the beach for the afternoon.

Gotta go play Catch Phrase. Have a great night!