Sunday, December 03, 2006

Election Day Report

(Photo taken last week at the morning chapel service.)

The chapel will not be filled with kids tomorrow morning. For some reason the day AFTER the elections is a no-school day in Haiti. I guess everybody needs to rest or something. In LaDigue we could find exactly zero people who said they voted. When we asked a few of our employees, the acted like it was a dumb question. "Vote?" Me? No."

We're not sure if LaDigue is an accurate reflection of the national turnout data. We hope not.

Most of the people here don't seem to think voting will change anything, while sad, it makes sense based on what they have experienced in the past. The whole political landscape is confusing and highly questionable. We don't claim to understand all the angles or players. Mostly, we think it would be nearly impossible to figure out the truth. Rumor and deception seem to rule. The media feeds you one thing, the people all say something different, and we're just outsiders trying to makes sense of it all; without much luck.

The election that took place today was originally scheduled for October of 2005.