Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday & Saturday & Sunday


Troy and Declan are hard-working fools. Much was accomplished. At 1pm we ran over to visit the feeding center in Barbancourt. The photos are all from that visit. Jack-Jack was sort of a side attraction ... "Dinner and a show," or something like that.
After we returned we worked all afternoon on the second missionary home, the team that arrives on Sunday will be staying down at the vacant house. We had a bunch of deep cleaning, preparations, repairs and organizing to do. We'll finish up the last few chores in the morning.


We are getting the heck out of dodge for the day and heading to the beach.


We will attend church in LaDigue. Ten people arrive on two different flights Sunday. Lisa and I are going to go get the first group mid-day. Troy will go get the second group late in the afternoon. Don't worry Jill, I will drive as carefully as I can, and I will not let Lisa get kidnapped. Seriously, she'll be fine.
We hope you'll all have a great pre-Christmas weekend ... Attend a Christmas show or party for us and have some hot cider too. MUCH love from all of us in balmy La Digue, Haiti! :)