Monday, May 21, 2007

Baby Updates & Other things

Conversations with Hope-
Me- "Well, what do you think, will it be better to have another sister or another brother?"
Hope- "Hummmmmm" (thinking, long pause)
Hope- "We already have two brothers that we don't need."

Conversations with Isaac-
Me- "Would you like another sister or brother?"
Isaac- "Hum, a brother."
Me- "Why?"
Isaac- "Noah needs another friend. He keeps on hitting me, maybe he would be nicer to another brother."

Britt and Paige's Opinion-
"Please Lord, a girl. Two boys is enough. It is already loud here."
Our Doctor appointment was fun. Except when the Dr. who thinks he is super funny had me get on the scale. He turned to Troy behind him and said "She is gaining A LOT of weight."

Hardy-har-har. So funny.
As it turns out, he actually thinks I need to watch it. That is bunk though because the USA O.B. Doc said I was doing great. Granted, I had another big month. 7 lbs in 39 days is indeed a lot. I was in America for two weeks, I ate a lot. But I am still at a total of 14 - which I think is okay for half way done with the pregnancy. I handed my watch to Britt (discreetly) before I got on the scale and Dr. G. said "Oh, your watch does not weigh that much." He is just full of sass. He suggested I cut back the carbs (He forgot I live in Haiti ???) and the sugar.
` After the appt. we went to Caribbean market and bought ICE CREAM - FUDGE TOPPING and MARSHMALLOWS ... if I am going to tolerate pregnancy in the land of 100+ degree temps and 100 varieties of bugs, and NO MILK, I am going to eat. Weight gain be damned. I just don't care. I can care in October when I have the power to lose it.
(When we DO find real milk (every couple of months) we buy it -- at the bargain price of $6.00 per half gallon of 2% - Then we fight over it.)
The other excitement of the weekend ... uh, not a lot I guess. We went to Boca Moca, it was lovely - as expected. We got our DHL package, it was unorganized and obnoxious - as expected. It's almost like it is against the rules to have a system at a business here in this land. I did not get to see the back room, but I would venture to guess they take the packages off the plane and whip them across the room and have no system what-so-ever for organizing them. I GUARANTEE you they look at every single package each time someone comes to pick one up. We did get to sit in air-conditioning for 25 minutes while they looked for it though, so there is that.
On the way to the beach the truck broke down. Troy left the team on the side of the road and took a motorcycle ride back to the mission to get the other truck. He is amazed to be alive. "Rasta," his driver, does not value his life very much.
There is meat on the counter waiting to be made into very average tasting meatloaf --- I better go do it.

-weightgainer, tara