Sunday, May 13, 2007


(Photo added-taken Sunday)
Lovelika did okay through the night. Her head is swelling a lot now. They will keep her at Cazale for a few days to observe her. Troy just went to pick up Britter.

In the developed world Lovelika would have been taken by ambulance to a trauma center where they would have had equipment to see if there was internal bleeding or any brain trauma. That all would have happened in the first thirty minutes.

Here she sat with untrained missionaries who held a towel on her head and tried not to panic for an hour while they found SOME option for her. By the time Lovelika was to a trained nurse it had been three hours since she had been hit.
I am having a mad-weekend and this is just another thing that makes me mad. It's not fair and it makes me angry. I just pray this little girl has no bleeding in her brain and will recover fully.