Sunday, May 27, 2007

beach babes

These are two photos from our family day at the beach yesterday. The boys are far too busy to be photographed when the pool is available. I realized when I got home that I had no Ike or Jack photos from the beach/pool. We had a really nice family day. Even though it appears that we left the guys at home, they WERE with us and had a blast. Everyone came home exhausted and ready for a shower and bedtime.
Isaac is not sure if the next baby will be brown or white. He was so surprised when Phoebe showed up a brown person, he now wonders aloud what this new baby will look like. I keep assuring him that it will probably be a white kid. ;-) I then went on to explain why it would be white and his follow up question was, "So if a purple lady and a purple man have a baby together, then their baby will be purple."
I said, "Yes, I believe you are tracking with me now son. But have you seen any purple people?"
"Not around here."
Today we saw Hope and Phoebe's birthmom. We went to visit her at her house. It is Haitian Mother's Day today, she was really happy with our visit. She recently moved out of Cite Soleil, where both of our girls were born and is now in Bon Repos and very happy to be there. We're working out some adoption details with her and sort of starting over because up until now everything has been a total confused mess.
The post by Max Lucado is for us when it comes to Phoebe's adoption and the rest of this year. The Lord is the path. There is no clearly marked trail that tells us where to go or what to do or HOW to do any of it, but HE IS THE PATH. We need to remember that daily as we trust Him with the bajillion details and unanswered questions involved.