Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Starting off ...

By 6:45 a.m. the action at the gate began. There was a machete cut and an 8th baby that needs to join the formula program.

Troy left to bring the team to the airport and get what he needs to do payroll on Friday. The kids have all been up since 6:40 ... we're off. Another day of crazed unpredictability is underway.

The guy with the cut is in bad shape. He cut his toe in half the long way. As in, the left side of his middle toe is GONE and the bone is sticking out. Half way through Britt's clean up and assessment of the injury someone came running up with the other piece of his toe on a leaf. This is such a weird place to live.

There is something wrong with our satellite, it needs to be tweaked a bit. For now our Internet is painfully slow. I have some photos but they'll have to wait until we get this problem fixed.

We'll be back when our Internet works better.
Have a good day.