Friday, May 25, 2007

Unrelated Information

Britt's finger amputation went well yesterday. After something like that she has an adrenaline high that just about drives us all crazy. As you can read when she blogs, this stuff excites her. She had another day of bouncing off the walls with excitement about what she'd seen and experienced. It is very odd to observe.

The ACT dilemma is solved, we found a cheap ticket on Spirit Air and ACT agreed to let her take it for free this time around, so the girl gets a quick trip to Florida in less than two weeks. She also gets a chance to improve her score, see Baywatch, and shop for some gifts to thank her loving parents for sending her to Florida.

Troy left early this morning for Port. He was going to visit a ministry that gives food and supplies to other ministries and see if they had anything we need out here. He brought Peter with him. Peter is a newer Lifeline employee. He was in the USA for many years but never took care of all the proper paperwork so he was deported and had to come back to Haiti. He speaks French, Creole, Spanish, and English. The guy is invaluable. Troy has felt his presence in real ways ever since he started. He is not from LaDigue and that helps. He is not worried about all the town chatter and he just does his job. He is the Mission Manager. The cooks really like him, that right there is a major statement. He had taken management and conflict resolution classes during his years in the States. He understands the Blans and he understands the Haitians, a perfect situation. The man is capable. Troy was hoping to help him get a drivers license today while in Port.
Paige and Troy had a real-life math lesson last night. Paige wanted to help with payroll today so Troy taught her how to do it, start to finish. It includes taking Haitian Dollars (the unit the rate of pay is in) and converting it to Gourdes. I overheard the math happening when they were putting money in envelopes. It also currently includes subtracting loan payments from a number of employees. A few times I heard "Oh, you just overpaid. Try again." They then role-played all the things that Paige might hear today as she distributes the envelopes and what the proper response is in each situation. She is ready.

Last week when we went to Port Troy bought a copy of SpiderMan 3 on the street. It was $3.00 U.S.

And to think, you're paying $8.50 at the theater.

It is of course pirated, looks to be shot with a video camera inside a theater. It is the French version and midway through it skips until the DVD player just gives up and shuts off.

We are willing to sell it to you for half price.

Who won American Idol? Paige wanted it to be Jordan.

Today is one of those stretching-for-things-to-say days. We hope you have a great long-weekend. We're going to the beach sometime over the weekend to celebrate Memorial Day with you from afar.