Thursday, May 31, 2007

May Cleaning Day

If I wake up feeling full of pep, it becomes cleaning day. The boys have been refusing to use their bathroom because the Daddy Long Leg spiders are taking control in there. I am going to make a show of killing spiders and cleaning the place top to bottom so that I can stop sharing my bathroom with the poor aimers. Today is cleaning day, at least until the pep leaves or the sweat overtakes me or the ankles turn into sausages.
These photos are from Tuesday. Late in the afternoon Britter was feeling pretty icky and was laying on the hammock in the little garden area. We all went out to have family prayer time on
the stairs and ledge looking down at her. I kept waiting for someone to fall off the ledge, thankfully we managed to avoid that. Britt seems to be on the upswing now.
During prayer time that afternoon we were all so touched by the cutest prayer Isaac offered. He said, "Heavenly Father, thank you for picking this family for me, I love them so much they are such a blessing to me." We were all elbowing each other thinking that was pretty cute. Adoption talk has been important to Isaac and Hope lately, we've been reviewing their stories a lot and talking about how cool it is the way God puts families together in many different ways. Phoebe does own clothes, really - she does. She just prefers a diaper look in the afternoons when the temps are at their highest.
I'm short on time, so I won't get too detailed -- but we've had a rough few days with the babies in the formula program. There are two stories to share about two of the babies - tonight we'll try to update that situation.