Wednesday, May 09, 2007

May 9 - The day some lovers tied the knot ...

It's been raining here for quite a few hours. We LOVE rain. The rain is needed.
President Preval met with President Bush. Lots of folks are critical of the amount of help the USA gives Haiti - some think it isn't enough. Not us. Yes, in the past the U.S. has made choices that did not help the situation here, but the USA gives Haiti plenty of money. Money has never solved anything here, partly because it never gets where it is supposed to go (corruption) and partly because money does not fix all things. You cannot change everything with money. There is not just one problem, it is more complicated than that. People need to want change and be willing to do things differently. That is a huge thing to ask of people who have seen their government system fail for decades and decades. After seeing the D.R. and being here long enough to observe, we think deep and lasting change seems unlikely. Not that it is impossible, just that it is unlikely. It's that whole thing where justice may never be achieved in this fallen world, which leaves us all to just do what we can with what God gave us - And pray about the rest.
We'll be gone most of the day today, a few us are going to go get our butts
handed to us by Port au Prince. Just for sport.
Have a good day.
(Maybe later we will post the 'Anniversary Dragon' for you.)