Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The newest babe

This is our newest baby, his name is Emmanuel. He is 8 days old today. He was born last Wednesday. His mother died 3 days after child birth. The father died when the mother was 5 months pregnant. The parents were from the mountains. Emmanuel is living with his Aunt in Barbancourt (the next town over), and the cousin is helping with him. The aunt is 15 and has no kids. Her name is Semene. She's the one with the white shirt. In the middle is the cousin who lives here in LaDigue. Her name is Anolad.

Emmanuel had only eaten water and water with flour for the last 8 days, yesterday was the first time he had milk. These ladies openly admitted that. He drank 5 ozs. yesterday in his first bottle.

You might be wondering why HE had a pink dress on, I was wondering too. Here is a ridiculous conversation.

Me: It is a boy or a girl?
The cousin: It is a girl.
Me: What is her name?
The cousin: She does not have a name yet.
Me: Ok well lets name her.
The cousin: Ok we will name Her Asline.

Ten min. later

Me: So it is a girl?
The aunt: No it's a boy
Me: Then why are you naming it Asline?
The cousin: (to the aunt) It's a girl?
The aunt: NO it is a boy.
Me: sooo you guys don't know if it is a boy or girl?
Britt: Some one just check.

Then Britt checked and it was a boy. So there goes that problem. We all agreed on naming him Emmanuel once we agreed he was a boy.

He was weighed and is 5 lbs. and 7 oz. I wish I knew how much he weighed when we was born to see if he lost weight.

They were given formula for 10 days and when they come back they will come with the baby, so I will give an update on how he is doing then.

I am working on a paper about the formula program so if anyone wants any info just let me know and I will add you to the list. It won't be a sales-pitch, you'll have to sell it --- but it will be more informational.

Have a good day and keep Emmanuel (a baby BOY) in your prayers!

Back to grammar and math. :(