Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Settled In

Paige and I are all unpacked and readjusting to the heat. We're happy to be home, 16 days was too long for both of us. Britt has five more days in America. She is attending the Air and Sea Show in Ft. Lauderdale, visiting another Southern Florida College and spending time with Chris and his family. We split up with her in Miami yesterday. (Britt- check your email sometime in the next day or two ... we have a favor for you while you're still able to shop.)

Our flights were mainly uneventful. The low point was having Hope's gift of sidewalk paint taken away. It doesn't take much to make hormonal pregnant ladies cry. Enough said. Dad- I want you to know that my streak of perfect packing continues. The bag you said was over 50lbs --- yeah, it was 50.0 exactly. The others were 49, 48, 47 & 44. Some women cook, some do fancy crafts ... some garden --- but can they pick up a bag and tell you what it weighs within two pounds every time? No. I didn't think so. We've all got our own talents. Amazed by my skills of weight estimation, the man at the desk with American Airlines said "you win the prize." The prize turned out to be taking paint away from me. :(
The kids are having fun checking out the things we brought back for them. The boys were excited about their new shirts and ties. I was excited, right up until I found out that everything I bought for Isaac is too small. He is smaller to me when I am 2,700 miles away. He is like 5'8" tall all of a sudden. Now he has a tie that reaches his sternum and church pants that end at his shins. Oh, and flip flops that his heels hang off of ... sigh. It's soooo great to make mistakes like that when you've got no options for returning.
I have never left all the little ones that long, Phoebe changed in two weeks. The time went fast and slow all at once. I missed my best friend the most, and am amazed by the job he did taking care of the kids and the house and mission.
We're starting to come up with a plan for the baby and the late summer and early fall. It includes a four or five week seperation that sounds pretty long and difficult after just being apart sixteen days. I'm glad that is still three and a half months away.
I'm way behind on email and other things, I apologize - but I want to ignore the computer for a few days and just be with my kids, we'll get caught up soon and get back to you in the next few days. Thanks for your support and for checking in on us.