Friday, May 11, 2007

Buried Heads

Think about this quote from the NY Times Article:
(Photo from same article)

Although passengers who sign a waiver and present a passport can leave the Labadie compound, most seem perfectly content to remain on their isolated cove.

“I don’t want to see poverty,” acknowledged Helen Murphy, 66, of St. Paul, who was shopping in the tourist market one morning. “I’m on vacation. I don’t want to think that these people don’t have enough to eat.”
This mentality makes me SO angry.
Go on vacation. I have no problem with that. I hope to be on a cruise ship or two someday myself.
But PLEASE get a clue. "I don't want to see poverty" --- Huh, isn't that special... I bet the people living in it don't want to live in it either. Just so long as Helen can remain clueless and comfortable everything will be fine with the world.

Heaven forbid her heart and eyes be opened to the way most of the world lives.