Sunday, July 22, 2007


I wish you could see how excited we are. We went to church and were gone all day. We returned home and went straight to check e-mail.

THE NEEDS for BOTH surgeries have been met. Lifeline headquarters in Michigan has been given the list of those of you that are helping to meet the need and they are going to forward the money to Haiti so we can get it where it needs to go ASAP.

We will follow both Mme. Felius and Baby Marius and keep you posted on what we learn. The next hugely important thing we ask, please pray for both of these surgeries. Haiti (as you know from reading) is far from the ideal place to perform surgeries. Equipment is often old or in disrepair. The environment would not be described by most North American Docs as "sterile." Infections after surgery are always an issue. Please pray for the patients, the families involved, and the Doctors as well. We do not know when each surgery will happen. We hope both will be scheduled and completed within the week ... but we don't know yet if the two Dr's doing the surgeries can make that happen.

For the 8 of you who are sending checks to Lifeline, please remember to mail them as soon as you can and put a note that says "July Surgery Fund."

THANK-YOU for responding so quickly and please know that no matter what the outcome of the surgeries, you've just shown your neighbors in Haiti the love of Jesus. That, in and of itself is a wonderful thing. It is very cool for us to watch it happen. You have encouraged us today!

Thank you thank you thank you.
GOD is Good.