Saturday, July 21, 2007

Meeting Real Needs - An Opportunity

"Sympathy is no substitute for action."
David Livingstone, missionary to Africa

Lifeline has core ministries, some of which require a lot of money to operate. The core programs are the first priority. The budget allows for helping with "non-program" needs in moderation. This means we're often able to help with smaller Doctor bills, rides to clinics and medicine. When the needs present themselves close together or are all larger needs, we need to consider other options. That is what we're doing here today.

We're sharing a need, if it is something the Lord leads you to help with, please let us know in this manner:

Leave a comment - anonymously is fine if you prefer. In your comment share the amount you are willing to contribute. That way when the need is met, all readers will know. After you leave your comment please also follow up by emailing us personally at so we know where the money will be coming from.

Lastly, please write a check to "Children's Int'l Lifeline" and mark it "July Surgery Fund." Please send the donation as soon as possible. We will attempt to front the money to get the surgeries under-way prior to receiving the donations.

Here are the two current and urgent needs to consider-

Mme Felius can have surgery to place pins in her broken bone for $800 - the family does not have the money to do this. The surgery will take place in Port au Prince. She has now been living with pain of this terrible injury for two weeks.Baby Marius, a boy, is 10 days old. The family has taken him to a few places. They are from the mountains a few hours away and came here looking for help. The Hospital Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles says they can do the surgery for $300. The father of this little boy is still with his mother and involved in the family, and desperately wants to help his son.

Troy will be going to the Doctors and paying them, the money will get into the correct hands so there is no confusion or misuse of funds.

More times than not the surgeons cannot be found and options for these situations don't exist. This is a time when the options exist, we're praying we can band together to make it happen.

"Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life's blood. But everyone has something to give."
Barbara Bush


Lastly, we made a decision when we first started blogging that we would not do our personal, family fundraising on the blog. We mainly want this to be a way to share our hearts, the good and the bad things about us, what we're working on, and also to share the needs of the people we serve. The formula program got a great start just based off of your response!

We're blessed, in that Lifeline does all the ministry fundraising, leaving us responsible for only our family budget. We are praying the Lord will provide a few new partners for our personal-family budget. While we are in the States this fall we will be sending out a letter and updated information. If you wish to receive either our new prayer card or our snail-mail communication - please email us your name and address, we'll add you to the fall mailing list. Thank You!