Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Malaria, Rats and other Haiti Joys

Isaac went to bed crying and woke up crying. His head hurts, he is running a 102 temperature. He does not seem to be responding to the medicine as quickly as Noah did.

We are dangerously close to running out of key clothing items, yet the laundry strike wages on.

Troy could not assure me that the rat was back out of the laundry room. He though maybe it ate the poison and left. He had not seen it in a day or two, but could not promise anything.

Last night, as a test Troy put a piece of bread in the laundry room. So, now we are strengthening the rat to live on and terrorize for yet another day. The bread was no where to be found this morning.

Rats in Haiti are not cute like that silly rat movie that is showing in America right now. Rats in Haiti will destroy your life, haunt you in your dreams, and make you crazy. ( I speak from experience.)

Troy lost the first battle, but the war wages on ... we need victory before we run out of clothing.