Monday, July 02, 2007


In recent weeks we have enjoyed corresponding with a few families in the process of considering moving to Haiti. Between that and our fall plans to leave Haiti for a few months, I was thinking about all of the emotions that came with deciding to move here and then actually leaving "home" to try and make a new "home."
I enjoyed reading Britt's thoughts from a few weeks before she moved at this post. She is sorting through all the same things again as she closes in on leaving Haiti to start a new chapter of her life on her own (waaaaah) at college. (Photo 2002)

It is so weird how time flies. I know I just said that I cannot easily mark the passage of time due to every day being the same (weather-wise) ... but not being able to mark it, does not make it move slower.

The slowest time ever moved was waiting for Hope and Isaac to come home to us and maybe the last month of my 42 week pregnancy with Paige. I know there are many who feel like time is dragging on, that is just not where I am. I've got babies leaving me and babies coming and babies ready for Kindergarten -- it is all happening way to stinking fast for my comfort. I don't know what will make me feel "ready," I just know I'm not. (Photo 2002)

My mother tells me this is just a symptom of growing older, and because I have now entered the month where I will turn the old, old age of 35 I ought to expect time to continue to move by me at breakneck speed.

To her, this 1977 photo was not taken all that long ago -

When I showed this to Isaac today, he looked at it long and hard and then with lots of encouragement he guessed that the man was his Papa. I said "That is right, so who are the other people?" He said "I have no idea."