Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, # 35!

Isaac is fond of referring to his immediate family members by their ages. Today we are celebrating a number change of the gorgeously pregnant number 35 (yesterday's 34)

She is blessed enough to be spending her birthday in the lovely capital. Last we heard she was dining at a Chinese restaurant in Petion-Ville and had already purchased and received her Rhogam shot (which was ridiculously expensive and in the end 2-months past expiration ...)

Birthdays seem to pass a lot like holidays here .... it's hard to make the day "special" or seem any different than the day before. The heat persists, and chances are you're still going to be sweaty and the rest of the world will go on not caring that it is your birthday (or Governor Schwarzenegger's for that matter.) But we don't want #35's birthday to go unmentioned ... and will hopefully make brownies and sing to her later tonight.

Happy Birthday, Mama - we love you!!!

Here's to being and truly LOOKING 35-years-young!
~Number 17 (Britt)

P.S. - I tried to find something interesting that happened on this day in history. It seems that society is partial to recording bad events ... so I skipped over the battles, natural disasters, deaths, and the watergate scandal and found these:

1729 - Baltimore, Maryland was founded (not sure if she's ever been there...maybe she should?)
1954 - Elvis Presley made his debut as a performer (explains her dance skills ... but not her singing skills - or lack there of)
1956 - "In God We Trust" was authorized by the joint signing of President Eisenhower and the U.S. Congress (woot to that)
1963- Lisa Kudrow was born (contrary to popular inquiry, NOT how #9 months -Phoebe Joy-got her name)