Thursday, July 12, 2007

Professional Opinions Requested

Remember the x-ray from the other day --- scroll down to see it.

We are not Doctors, we don't even play doctors on TV. We are unsure what our role should be today ...

To all people in the know --- what do you think? As you look at that x-ray, does it seem possible that casting that will solve anything? Doesn't she need surgery and pins to hold that back together?

The family wants to have the cruddiest hospital around cast it. We're not sure how involved we should get -- but we are under the impression that casting it will not solve anything for the long term.

Before we determine if we ought to scour the country-side looking for a surgeon with the ability to do something for her --- we just want to know if a cast makes any sense -- or if that is just a silly waste of time and money.

Comments welcomed and needed.