Wednesday, July 04, 2007

On the upswing!?!

We're glad we did not update the Ike situation until now. At 3pm it was not good yet. But at 4:05 we heard him talking in full coherent sentences without moans, and at 5:30 he asked for food. We think the boy is back. If all goes well tonight, we're looking forward to a Thursday filled with tattling, fighting, and non-stop jabber.

Not to totally blow off an important American holiday, we celebrated at dinner-time with a deeeeelicious age-old American tradition known as ...

Hamburger Helper. Um - um. Good. What could be more patriotic than that?

Other than the regular business of running a mission, the slightly out of the ordinary that occurred today -
  • Britt is putting together a really cool book of her medical experiences to send with her college applications. It is turning out so well.
  • Peanut visited her friend the Veterinarian. Mom, Troy really enjoyed using that three foot feminine girly leash you brought down. He held his and over the jewels to keep from giving anyone the wrong idea.
  • We were invited to be part of pitching a pilot to a cable network that might do a show about missionary families and raising kids abroad.
  • Troy has decided to try and do some sort of book with his photos. He's researching options. His camera was dropped by an unnamed child that lives with us and is not working right, he is pouting and cursing under his breath. The repair shop up the way about 700 miles ought to be able to fix it.
  • This afternoon Troy took photos of me in smart-aleck maternity T-shirts for a friend who sells them on the Internet. We got free t-shirts, we're not so sure she got much ... but we sent the photos she asked for to make the deal complete. If you want smart-aleck maternity shirts, let me know ... I'll send you the link to her site. This assignment required showering, putting on make-up and doing hair -- three things that rarely occur all in the same day - unless we're headed to church. Excuse cheesy pose, I don't usually stand around gripping the child that way. I'm just trying to sell t-shirts people.
  • There are no fireworks being offered in LaDigue this year. We'll have to make our own.

(Photo of Isaac in the rain taken a few weeks ago.)