Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Iron is the new crystal meth

There is ONE door in the entire mission house that we do not have a key for, never have had a key for it ... 12 doors in the house ... only one missing a key.

For whatever reason a certain 3 year old is fond of locking that ONE door. He has done it three times. It does not matter most of the time, we only use the room when teams come.

Today Troy sent Pastor Rony, a 5' 3" man, up into the ceiling to jump down on the other side of the door and unlock it. Troy has done it before - but at a towering height of 5' 10" its just not that easy. We like to tease Troy that he came to Haiti so he could be a tall man. Look at him, he's a giant.
We're organizing our house and the second house for the teams arrival. Lumen is getting rid of two months of cobwebs from the bedroom corners, we're washing curtains and cleaning out the refrigerator. We are all peppy and full of spunk today.
I have found that Iron is every bit as effective as any sort of speed available on the drug market. Crystal Meth seems like a long way to go to have energy when really, an iron tablet changes lives.

Let it be said that my refusal to go get lab work has indeed come back to bite me in the butt. I thought I was depressed, sick of the heat, maybe sick in general ... possibly lazy... total exhaustion has ruled my life for 30 days. All I needed was some lab tests to show that I have pregnancy anemia. My family does not know what to do with my new found energy. They're a little bit afraid. Britt said "What is up with Mom?" Troy said, "She's high on iron."

Before I go back to crazed energy-filled cleaning and organizing, please check out this permanent link added on the link-list of the blog. If you know of anyone that might be qualified and interested please share this with them.