Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Get to Know the Cooks - Part 1


I went down to interview all the cooks. I asked each of them a few questions. They were nervous about why I was asking. Peter told them not to worry about it, that I was just curious. I put the info about each cook underneath her photo. In our opinion these ladies have the hardest jobs at the mission. They cook food for 1,000 kids Monday through Friday.

This is Lizette.
She could not remember the date but said she has worked at Lifeline more than 5 years.
She was born here in LaDigue. She has two children, both boys. She is 40 yrs old.

This is Marie Elise. She came to work here March, 2006. She is one of the newer employees.
She has lived in LaDigue 8 years. She has 1 child, a daughter. She is 26 years old.

This is Licienne. She started of saying that she does not know how long she has worked here, but then just said she has been here the "whole time." She has lived here in the village of LaDigue all her life. She has 8 children living and 2 have died. When I asked how old she is, she said, “ I do not control my age.” So we don’t know how old she is. She is probably at least 50 though. She is a really tough lady, we like her a lot.

This is Aline. She is the mom of one of my friends.
She has been here working for Lifeline since Lifeline first came out here from Port. She came to live in LaDigue in 1982. She is our "head cook." She moved into that position about a year ago. She has 5 children. She has never had a child die.
She is 41 years old.

There are nine more cooks, I will introduce you to them soon.