Monday, July 30, 2007


(Above, before we left for our big date Sunday afternoon.) (Below, Troy walking into the broken bone wing of General Hospital in downtown PAP this morning.)

Mme Felius seemed in good spirits again today. She has a corner bed in a room with about 18 beds. The building that she is in is much better than the main warehouse sort of area of the hospital, but still each patient is right next to their neighbor and no one can draw a curtain or have any privacy. While people here LOVE being visited when they are sick, and culturally they almost expect it, I found myself feeling bad for the other people in the room that don't necessarily care to have some stanger seeing them in their misery. It is such a sad place, I am praying God's answer for her means not too much more time there.

We told her that lots of you were praying for her and that we were all waiting for and expecting big answers for her.

After we left General we went to our appt. with Guichard.

Dr. G. managed not to call me an oinker today, which was nice of him I thought. He did look at Troy and the neck-disease thing and say "You gotta be careful with that bump - you've been messing with that haven't you?" He then felt it and all its nastiness and told Troy it will probably need to be drained at some point.