Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eddy & Other Weird People

We don't talk about our favorite racketeer much anymore. We had a long break from seeing him because he had been paid, but had not delivered on some things. He is harder to find when he owes you something. BUT, if we owe him -- bam, he is just around the corner. Funny how that works. I (tara) managed to lose my Permis Du Sejour (permit to work in Haiti) -- so he is busy getting a replacement for us right now - which means we're back in contact.

The guy entertains us. He is very funny really. Troy has been using Eddyisms for a few days now. My favorite is the way he says the word "original" --- pronounced Eddy style it is more like - Ah - Wah - John - al ----- he also loves vehicles known to most as "Land Cruisers" - only to him they are Land Cwy - Zerrrrs. He thinks we should buy one. He also thinks he should be the one to find it and add a large finders fee. He apparently thinks we're bourgeois or something.

Troy finally told him we were having a baby. He of course took it too far - gave Troy the old guy-to-guy -- oh - you - devil type treatment. Then when I saw him it was the whole schtick all over again.

In the end he of course said it has to be the Toro. I am pretty sure Toro alone would not result in an unplanned baby coming into existence just days after taking in another unplanned baby for adoption. Eddy stands by his belief in the magical power of Toro. It all feels and sounds more like a God plan (albeit a crazy one) than anything Troy, Tara & Toro could come up with.

Every once in a while I check out People on-line to test if we are completely out of the loop on the current pop-culture. It never fails, there is always some story that is just completely weird and ridiculous. Part of me wonders if it is some sort of satire, it is that goofy. To me this is just ridiculously written and overdone. And this is just over the top vanity.
Doing this monthly check on famous people helps us remember - famous people are still generally unlikable.
As you can tell, it's a slow news day in LaDigue.