Friday, July 06, 2007

Baby Updates

By Paige -

Emmanuel is at Cazale with Licia and Lori and is up over 7 lbs now. We have asked the family to provide death certificates of his mother and father so that he might be available for adoption. Last we heard they were going to the mountains to talk to the grandmother about it. We are starting to wonder when they will come back. It has been a long time now.

The twins are doing great. Both are gaining weight. Micailda is bigger than her sister she is up to 8'11 and her sister Micaline is at 7'13. But they are both doing great and the mother is no longer so sick.

This baby above is the newest addition in the program. He came yesterday morning. He was born June 26. The mother is gone. She left her kid to stay with the grandma. The grandma was not sure if she would ever come back. The mom was mad at the dad for not "occupying" her. I assume that means that he left or told her that he did not want a part in the baby's life. That is very common in Haiti.

His name is Pierre Cheriles. The grandmother said that he had only eaten sugar water. I am not sure if this is true. He looked pretty good to me. He weighed 7'2. So I don't know what to think. Whatever the story is, he got his first box of formula and will be coming back in about 5 days.

I had one baby move away and not tell me about it. The baby's name is Richena. Her and her sister moved about five hours away. They came about 2 weeks ago. They have not returned. I am hoping they found another way to get the baby good food.