Wednesday, July 11, 2007


(Noah) Jack-Jack cannot, for the life of him, pronounce the letter "L." Almost all "L's" become a "Y." We've all done our fair share of coaching him. We're not getting too far.
It wouldn't be such a big problem, if it were not for "love" "Livesay" & "Lifeline" ... words we use often.
Here are a few often used phrases for Jackie boy-
I yove you.
I want to watch Yand of the Yost
My name is Jack Yivesay
I am a yittoe bit sad.
The new baby has an "L" name. Jack has less than three months to get it down or we're going to have to create a nickname that has nothing to do with the original name for this one too.

Right now he yoves to yay his yeft hand on Mom's belly and see if the baby will kick him a yittoe bit.