Thursday, July 26, 2007

Communication Breakdown No. 7,954

Did you hear that?
That was the sound of Troy's head exploding all over the wall.
I promised I would keep you posted on Marius and Mme Felius.
I did not promise it would be pretty.
Troy and Britt drove SIX - count them, SIX hours to Dechapelles and back --- only to learn that the Dad and the Baby left. There are four stories circulating, the one the Hospital gave, the one Pastor Rony was told, the one a cousin is telling and the one that we made up to entertain ourselves.
Currently we have NO IDEA where the Dad and baby are. Makes it tough to help them.
Tomorrow morning Troy is picking up Mme Felius from the pit that is called "General Hospital" and bringing her to another ministry that had done some surgeries of that nature. No one seems to be taking charge of her care - not her husband, not her son. Soooo, Troy will put the pieces of his head back together sometime this evening so that he can try to take charge and get something accomplished.
Tonight it could easily be said we are experiencing some culture fatigue. Things being said around here are best not repeated until we've had time to get over being annoyed at a total wasted day.
More when there is more to tell.
We start over tomorrow.