Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Baby Marius is going up to the hospital in the Artibonite Valley on Thursday. We don't know if the surgery can take place that day, but he will arrive there that day. We'll get photo of the family before the trip. We're hoping to both go with them, we have always wanted to see the Hospital Albert Schweitzer. The book about the man who started it is called "Song of Haiti."

Mme. Felius is being asked to do more x-rays by the Dr. who says he can do the surgery. While they take time to decide what to do, Troy got an appointment to have the people at "Healing Hands for Haiti" see her. We will compare the two plans and see who can get her in quicker - but it does not appear that her surgery will happen this week.

Yesterday we turned a baby away for the formula program. It was one of those odd deals where something did not sit right. The Mom had come on Saturday. Paige and Troy asked her to come back on Monday when they could talk to her at length. Her story changed from Saturday to Monday and as Troy paced around deciding if he should give her formula, it was all very fishy. Britt called up from the area where she sees patients and said that the Mom was nursing the baby right there in front of her - that there was clearly milk there. Of course, the mom had said she could not nurse. We never want to give formula if a mom can nurse - for multiple reasons. We told her we were happy that her baby could have the best food available. She must not have realized that Britt would narc on her.

Britt had one new suture patient, an ax cut on the foot. The little girl with the burns is starting to hate Britt less, yesterday they made it through the dressing change much better.

The rat was never found. Troy marched into the house with two brave Haitian men. The three of them moved everything in the entire laundry room and never found it, saw it, or smelled it. There is no evidence of him anymore. Either he found a way out, or he went into the ceiling tiles -- I am back to doing laundry, but entering with caution just in case. The greatest rat-catching device of all time has been placed outside now.

Wednesday we need to meet up with our Birth-Mom to get some paperwork signed. We'll also try to do labwork that needs to be done and get the funds for the surgeries. We're hoping Port au Prince is in the mood to cooperate with our To-Do list.

Have a great day!

"God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on Him."- Hudson Taylor