Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Stuff

Paige cornrowed Phoebe's hair ... we think she has an Alan Iverson thing about her now ... a chubby Iverson maybe?

Phoebe's Stylist at work...

Last night we watched Facing the Giants. (Mom and Dad, it came yesterday - thanks!) If anything, it served to prove what we've been talking about the last few days. Troy is not nearly as guilty as I am, but I realized that my initial reaction to most problems is to immediately begin solving the problem myself. I don't immediately ask God for guidance, I don't even think to pray first ... I just go to work figuring out what the options are.

After talking about Mme Felius with Troy on Friday night it occurred to me that I've only prayed we would figure out how to fix it -- I never actually asked God to fix it or God to lead us.

As far as Marius is concerned, we probably need to sit down with the family this week and see if they are interested and/or OPEN to letting Marius go to the USA. We need to determine how serious they are before we start running around solving things. I don't know what to expect after all that has happened. At this point, I won't be shocked no matter what they say or do.

I do know that we heard two dollar amounts last Saturday and two "solutions" and in our ignorance and excitement, we got ahead of God --- and now one week later, we're back to square one and trying to go about it in a better way.

Monday Troy and I will again attempt to find my overdue Rhogam shot and we'll bring it to Dr. Guichard ... a little birthday treat for me. But, more importantly we are sure we need to stop into General Hospital and pray for Mme Felius, not pray for our solving it --- but for God's solving it - asking God to solve it and give His direction. I am a slow learner, my desire to fix things often gets in the way of what I ought to be doing. Praying.

After we see how all of that works out we are going to begin tackling the team grocery shopping. A large team from Michigan arrives next Saturday, we're going to split the shopping into two trips and start with the bulk items on Monday.

Please pray that we stay out of God's way and that His plans for these people are revealed in clear ways.

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