Monday, July 02, 2007

Almost no new news ...

Britt switched her patients to come see her in the mornings now, rather than 3pm. The cooler morning temps are working out better for everyone. With school out things are eerily quiet most of the day - at least until the kids show up to eat.

Noah was still being far too calm, sweet and mellow yesterday so we started him on liquid chloroquine for Malaria. He seems meaner and more like himself today. He has not played outside in a few days, but this morning he is out chasing chickens so things are returning to normal.

A couple of you wrote asking about Troy's photos. We are happy to email you a higher resolution to make prints if you would like. As far as the cost for his photos ... uh, he says he does not know how to come up with a price. They are only worth something if you are interested in photos of Haiti. If you want them maybe you could just determine what you think they are worth and send a donation marked "Livesay Family" to Lifeline. We appreciate that you asked. Email us with the date the photo was posted and we can go find the original to send you a better resolution. The donation will be tax-deductible.

I was trying to explain this to my parents when I was home for the funeral. Growing up in Nebraska and Minnesota where seasons change and mark the change in routine and habit, it is very difficult to keep track of what month, let alone what day it is here.

I was chatting with Isaac about this fall and also about my trip to the funeral. He wondered if there would be snow in Minnesota. I told him, "No, it is summer right now, it will still not be snowing when we get there." He said, "SUMMER!?!? WHAT IS SUMMER???"

I catch myself having to think hard about what month it is quite often. Living here is sort of like living in a time-warp. There are not many things to mark the passing of time. Luckily, I have Isaac to teach me to mark time by counting "sleeps." He has asked that we start marking off sleeps with X's on the calendar -- until he gets to go on an airplane and see Grandma and Grandpa and "Uncle" Tina and Matt. (As far as Isaac is concerned, there is no reason to differentiate between Matt and Tina, they both get the Uncle title.)

For those of you trying to get down here to visit kids you are adopting, Spirit Airlines has some fares during August that are a penny each way in and out of Fort Lauderdale, after taxes and fees it is an $85 round-trip fee. You still have to figure out how to get to Fort Lauderdale, but $85 is pretty cheap. To get that fare you just have to join their $9 club, I think the offer is good until July 4th at midnight.

Happy Birthday this week to our cousin,VONDA S. - and friend, JEFF P. - we love you and hope the year ahead is filled with excitement and blessings.

Late Addition - Happy Birthday Uncle AL -- sorry we did not know your birthday without a reminder!