Friday, August 24, 2007

Circus Show Time

I have never, ever used a leash for any of my children. Technically, I still won't be using a leash. But, I am bringing a piece of string to tie Noah to my person in some way. The boy has been living on a compound for 19 months and does not know how to act in large public places. I have a reoccurring vision of being at the counter renting the van ... finishing signing and paying and getting they keys, and turning around to find him gone. That is something he would do. Just for sport. He will be warned once, after that he will be tied to me in some fashion. I don't care who glares or stares .... heck, I am used to that; I live in Haiti.

My brother-in-law really wants me to have each of the three kids carry in the box/case of Barbancourt rum. They sell it in the airport at a good price. He thinks it would be hilarious to have five and three year olds walking across the tarmac each carrying a box of rum. The truth is, he really digs the rum and he is trying to trick me into bringing at least one box home. It cannot be done. I am breaking it to you now Matt. I won't do it. Not even for you. I hardly need to give people MORE reasons to stare at us and place judgement. It is enough as it is. A pregnant white woman with two brown children and one wild-man white child creates quite enough stir in the PAP airport. Plus, if I agreed to get even ONE box and carry it myself, I am bound to walk straight into the most prim, proper and super-holy missionary in Haiti about two seconds after I buy it.

So, there it is.
The path laid out before us.

We are looking forward to: fast food, ice cream, cauliflower, green veggies, salads, MILK MILK MILK, strawberries, grapes, gas stations with gas, smooth roads, cooler temps, and MILK MILK MILK.

We love our Phoebe and our Daddy/Troy SO much. We're praying the time apart is so quick and easy. We're praying for them while they miss us too. "The Lord keep watch between me and you, while we are absent, one from the other." Amen.
Troy will blog and keep you up to speed on Mission happenings when he can. I will blog when I wake up from the four day nap I am taking when I get to MN.

See you in a few days famil mwen!!!!!

(Britter and Paiger - we'll see you at the meeting point - bring your patient attitudes and your adventurous spirits - love you ladies!)