Saturday, August 18, 2007


It sounds like the girls have convinced Troy we need one more beach excursion, so we're off for the day soon. I have found the beach is less enjoyable with 30 pounds hanging off you -- but there comes a time to give one up for the team. So into the itchy maternity suit and off I go. Woo-hoo. I sound so positive, don't I?

I guess the storming starts late tonight? It changes every time we look, we're guessing we won't have Internet tonight or tomorrow. Even light rains usually cause connection issues. We'll check in again as soon as we can. Please pray for safety for ALL the people in the storm's path. The reason these storms devastate so many in undeveloped countries is because, unlike Florida ... The population here cannot "board up" or evacuate. Zero infrastructure exists to even warn people it is coming. We've been asking around and the word-of-mouth method seems to be working, a lot of our neighbors had at least heard something might be coming. Thanks in advance for your prayers this evening and tomorrow.