Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Less Serious

We're home from a long day in Port. We needed to do quite a few things, most of which we accomplished. I won't bore you with the whole list and all the silly details. I am ready to write about the nonsense of the day ... the more serious parts need some processing time.

The one thing that did not happen was Peanut (also now known as "Nut-dog" - Isaac's name for her) related. She is all up-to-date and legal to fly. (yes - yes -- SO stupid that our dog is flying we know we know) But we have to have a letter from the Vet or the USA won't let her onto their disease-free soil.

Dr. Wolff would not write it when we got her shots last month, he said it needed to be a letter written within 10 days of departure. We tried to go get his letter today. He is on vacation until next Wednesday. That animal needs to fly on Thursday. Let's hope he does not extend his vacation, or there will be major waterworks and drama as the dog gets left on the tarmac and her owner flies off without her.

Agape charges 50 cents per pound for the dog. So ... of course we've had her on the South Beach Diet since June -- we're switching over to the Cabbage Soup diet for the last week --- just to get her down to fighting weight - make sure we don't spend a dime too much -- act responsible with our resources, etc, etc.
No not really. Britt has been pouring Beef Stew Broth over her dog food to make her eat more. NutDog is going to have to be tough to live in MN with a large cousin dog named Bear. Britt is getting her ready to be the dominant dog. I am doubting the visiting dog can be dominant - but I am happy Peanut enjoys Beef Stew. How nice for her.
Plus, she has suddenly become a GUARD dog ... which is what we wanted from day one but it took 18 months for her to want to participate. She is REALLY good at barking and intimidating and seems to go on alert after dusk. The other night Troy had to walk over to the trade-school to investigate noises. He had the dog and his BB gun --- a regular motley crew they were. The dog was acting like she KNEW what to do. She stayed right by his side and was on high alert.
The noise was nothing, but it was entertaining to view from the safety of the porch. Troy, a BB gun and a dog. It just makes me wonder if there had been a bunch of trouble makers on the prowl -- was it the dog or the BB gun that would save his life?

My favorite email of last week had this P.S. in it - (From the great state of NC)

PS – We want to see some SERIOUS photos of Peanut eating room service. Maybe even a spa day. Come on – it’s a once in a lifetime thing, your dog deserves a nice hotel and some pampering. After all, YOU have a treadmill.
Today Peter was asking about the dog. He said "Man, to be that dog - if you could just be a dog the U.S. would let you come -- everybody wishes they were that dog." Sad but true. Dogs don't need a Visa to enter the U.S.A.
The only thing they need are stupid owners that are easily suckered by their teen aged daughters.
This is an entire post about a dog. What is this blog coming to?
After I have had time to sort out the meeting and emotions it stirred, I will share more about the latest with our sweet Ikey Boy's Birth-mother. The meeting went really well, it just left me a little bit emotional (as it should.) I need time to process. More later ...