Friday, August 24, 2007

The day will never come where i laugh about this...

11:30pm - Go to bed

12:00- Lay there thinking about everything, obsessing, being generally dysfunctional.

12:48- Look at clock for last time, apparently fall asleep.

1:07am- Phone in office rings. I wake up, Troy does not. Phone in office rings again. I say, "Troy, we told Peter if he needed help to call. I bet that is him."

1:09- Peter and Troy determine that it is possible that Mimose is in labor. Peter fears having to deliver the baby, he needs help. Peter does not have a car or truck. Troy gets ready to go get them and try to find someone to help.

1:25- 3:55am - Lay awake wondering if Peter and his wife will be okay, pray for them, worry about Troy driving in pitch darkness. Thank God that I am so blessed to give birth to my child without such unjust options. Obsess, worry, pray .... repeat, repeat.

4am -ish - Fall asleep.

5:30 am -
Troy calls to say he is okay, he has spent much of the night trying to help Peter find a hospital for his wife. They were sent from place to place but landed in Pierre Payan. Troy has gone to Chris and Leslie's house to try to sleep for a few hours. He'll call later.

5:35 - Noah peeks head out of room- Asks for breakfast, I say, "It is too early, go back to bed."

5:37 - Fall back asleep.

6:02- Hear both boys laughing hysterically, yucking it up, having a ball.

6:03- Hear Isaac say, "Oh nooooooo," but still laughing at the same time.

6:04- Enter bedroom to find toilet full of poop and urine overflowed and running across the bedroom floor. Isaac stands in the middle of it all, Noah has run to jump in his bed to escape my reach.

6:05 - Crying, wailing, ranting Mother begins to formulate a plan for cleaning up. Books, toys, clothing ... all lay in the rank-poop water.

7:15 - Finish cleaning up - throwing books away, scrubbing down toys with disinfectant. Start laundry load one of three of disgusting towels and rags.

7:16 - Isaac and Noah have been totally silent for one hour and ten minutes. This has never happened in their entire lives. Awake and quiet? It just does not happen. They sit, wide eyed ... Watching from their bunk bed as the crazed woman cried and cried and cleaned. I turn to walk out to go take a shower.... afraid to speak for fear that I will say something I will regret ... As I go...

7:17- Isaac says, "Do I still get to go to Minnesota?"

Post Script-
Peter's wife is okay, they have not really progressed in the labor but are staying at the hospital until the Doctor can see them at 8am. Troy and Tara will spend their last day together for 32 with two hours of sleep to work off of, trying hard not to crush their hyper children with the sheer weight of their fatigue.