Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our God is a Handsome God

Yesterday was a near total loss. Not much accomplished, not much to show for the day.

My real To-Do list makes me weep when I look at it, so I try not to do that. Look at it, that is.

Thankfully things are slightly improved and the green apple nasties seem to be on their way to calling it enough already.

Zach left for six weeks this morning, he called us and we had a good time hearing his thoughts. He was emotional about leaving and we all just determined that no matter what God uses these weird confusing times to mold us and teach us. We also determined that once you love Haiti you just become a weirdo that people will generally not understand.

The interesting thing here, at our house ... We have kids dying to leave and kids crying about leaving. Paige is moody and down about it, Britt is all over the board, Isaac is like a walking count-down machine. I just told Troy that even if it is hard to leave, just seeing how totally thrilled & excited Isaac is makes it worth it. He wants to go on this break bad enough for the whole lot of us.

We just listened to Isaac pray about a current need we've been praying about. Then, towards the end of the prayer it morphed into giving thanks for Minnesota and "how great it will be" (along with examples of great things that might happen in MN) after going on and on and oooooonnnnn about how happy he is to go to the USA he said, "God we just love you so much and we know you love us and you're so loyal and you are strong and you are so handsome." At that point I could not stifle my laughter anymore. I have never thought of God as handsome per se --- but what do I know? God must be handsome.

Phoebe will stand without holding on to anything for up to 30 seconds now ... we're thinking she could walk before her first birthday. She has some solid stems to support her efforts. I am hoping I don't miss the first steps, but I might.
Well, I've irresponsibly squandered 13 minutes - so I best go do something on the list. We have both personal business and mission business that all needs doing this week. I don't know why -- maybe because I have to lose the sarcastic edge and get more professional -- but writing news-letter stories is a difficult task. I need to write three or four of them. Today... well-written, serious, smart, informative stories.
:( Troy says it is not the stories that are difficult for me to write, it is the fact that I have to do what I am told and that is difficult for people who struggle with authority.
Me? Struggle with authority figures? He must be thinking of someone else.