Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fun Letter & Update

We're back from the beach. It would have been very similar - and much less work- to just lay in a frying pan on the kitchen stove. The air is absolutely stagnant.

The rain has not started here yet. Looks like it will around 8pm. We got word that the PAP airport is closed until Monday. It is a little bit unnerving not knowing what to expect, but to ease the nerves of some anxious relatives ... Please know that our house is well constructed, sits up high enough to avoid flooding, and has good places to take cover.

Like John McHoul (and my marvelous Dad) like to remind us, THE SAFEST place to be is in God's Will. Wherever that is. Please don't lay awake worrying. I trust that God knows the number of hairs on our heads, just as the Bible says, so because that is truth; I am certain He also knows and has the rest of our lives in His grasp and control. Hurricanes or no hurricanes He has it mapped out and it all filters through Him.

We do appreciate prayers not only for us --- but for our neighbors and the entire country that mostly do not live in safe homes on high ground. They will have a much scarier night than we will.

Below is a funny letter Troy-boy got last week. It is from a guy who up until we got this letter, hated us and and pretty much everyone in the village... Sort of the village bad-boy. Now he is job-searching, so I guess we're not so awful anymore.

To take all of our minds off of serious things... Enjoy!


Dear Director-

I'm in a pressing obligation to write you this letter just for getting a job at the hospital. I should want occupy of patient documents. You know I'm a young boy I won't become a street fighter It's wy so I Ask you this job to prepar my Futur. Help me and God Pay you bask. I Pray you accept my letter.