Monday, August 06, 2007

Port au Prince Surgery Update

Late Edit- 5:00pm
Surgery went well. They have Mme F. in recovery. Eight screws and a plate were placed to hold her bone together. Britt says it was like nothing she's ever seen or imagined. (Jamie and Sharon, she said a lot of what you have told her proved to be true.)

Troy and Britt are just arriving to meet the team at the Bercy (Rusty and Cheryl) orphanage. They'll all head home together soon.

Troy called. (Yes, he is in Port while a team is here ... proof that this team came ready to be large and in charge!)

Things in Port are just getting going now (12:20pm).

Dr. O introduced Britt to the other Dr. and said, "This is Britt, she has lived here 18 months, she speaks Creole and has done some E.R. work in her area she wants to go into medicine but she has not seen many bones so she wants to watch today."

The other Dr said, "Well, what are we waiting for, lets show her some bones." Then they turned and left.

Troy is standing outside chuckling at the whole odd scene. He said Britt has been all smiles all morning and that Dr. O took time to share everything that would happen so she knew what to expect.

Troy said Mme Felius was calm and not afraid. The surgery should take 90 minutes according to Dr. O.