Sunday, August 05, 2007

A look at Lendi (Monday)

Monday the team will be holding/offering a Vacation Bible School for the village kids. At some point I will try to see if my puffy ankles will carry me down the steps to take some photos of the activities. One interpreter out of five needed, called to cancel. So, Paige is prepped and ready to pinch-hit. Thanks to Casey Zachary she knows lots and lots of smack-talk-Creole. When Troy asked her if she could do it, she said, "I can probably do everything ... but Bible verses might be hard."

Thanks Casey. Great use of time at lunch in June ... she's all set to tell the kids to stick-it if she needs to - but she cannot share any complicated Bible verses. That's an MK to be proud of for sure. ;)

Davis Zachary sure knows how to raise a kid.

Madame Felius is still on --- only the surgery has been moved to noon. Dr. Ovile is the man to pray for. He is allowing Britt to observe the surgery ... she is skipping around here all excited. He told Troy he wants to "take a look at her" first to see if maybe she might look like a fainter. He said he'll be pretty busy with surgery and he won't have time to be dealing with any weaklings. She "gets to see a bone being put back together" --- sounds awful to me; she won't sleep tonight in anticipation of it all.

I'll post photos on Monday when time allows.

Pray for a successful VBS day and pray for a successful surgery.
May God Bless your week!

Tara for all of us