Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Rat Race Update

This land is exhausting.

We have a nice set-up at my Sister's house. Eventually my parents will live in Texas most of the year and will have their summer home be the lower-level of Matt and Tina's house. So, it is set up as a two bedroom apartment. We have a small kitchen and plenty of room to have our own space. I did not want to mooch off of my sister, the kitchen is the best! So, today we went to get groceries and basics to set up our little house. Grocery shopping in Haiti is WAY easier. I think less is more. I think less is easier. I am sorry I ever griped about no choices. No choices is easy. I made more decisions today then I have made in the last 30 days.

Isaac now owns tennis shoes. He is pumped. SUPER pumped. Another decision. :-)

Hope and Isaac both had immunizations today. Hope sat quiet and calm and "took it like a man." Isaac screamed from the minute he was in the room until we were five miles away from the place. Either way, it is done -- they are all ready to go to Kindergarten next Tuesday. Isaac told the lady who did our intake that she "has a beautiful voice." The boy knows how to charm women.

I attended a swim meet. Yes, day two in USA ... a swim meet.

Tomorrow is Kindergarten Round-Up, we are meeting the teacher. It is all surreal and weird. These kids just joined our family via the Grace of the Lord --- about 12 days ago --- they were babies --- now this. Kindergarten. How does it happen so fast?

I cannot find my way from the place that I live to their school, so that might be something to learn before tomorrow. I had to use MapQuest to find the swim meet tonight.

I realized today as I drove to St.Paul that Troy and I have switched roles in many ways. When we first started dating I was used to doing everything on my own and figuring out problems as the leader. I had been a single mom long enough to be totally self-sufficient. I would even say that in our early marriage I took too much charge of everything and did not even allow him to lead. At times my behavior and strong personality would technically have been unhealthy and just plain uncool. Between getting more in line with what God had planned for our family and moving to Haiti where I know nothing about anything; I have been put in a position to allow my husband to be the leader he was made to be. (Troy, you are a hoss. King hoss actually.) It is odd to be back in a position of doing stuff on my own. I think I like it when Troy takes care of me. I like not needing to know how to get places. This is all making life in Haiti seem sort of simple in many ways.

Troy and Phoebe, I think of you at least once an hour. I love you and I am missing you. We all are. Hope you had a fun night together.