Friday, August 10, 2007

Ice Shower

The team from MI had a baby shower for us last night. It was very fun. Troy managed to scam his way into the ice machine, he made some comment like, "Now when I am changing diapers I will be drinking only ice COLD beverages." He does change diapers, and if anyone should have a cold beverage available - it is him ... so I am happy for him, I just wonder if maybe it is not the first baby shower ever where an ice machine was on the registry.

The photo is of the men gathered round the machine this morning.

We are all ready to live by USA rules of the road, we received an infant car seat for the baby. All the little kids got new t-shirts. Noah is indeed "in training." He is working as an apprentice under a wiser and more experienced man, named Isaac. It is good for him to learn how to tease, pick-pick-pick on younger siblings and to become better acquainted with the tried and true methods of making someone smaller than you scream. Noah is well on his way, future success is essentially guaranteed.
The team is already hard at work with the last day of VBS. Everyone has remained mostly healthy. The occasional headache or bout with Haitian Happiness is to be expected, they've weathered it all like troopers. We've enjoyed having them here!
Have a terrific weekend.