Monday, August 20, 2007

Photos from the Weekend

Hope got new airplane / America / Kindergarten hair. Five hours is a long time to sit for a five year old, you would marvel at her motivation. She sits without complaint.

Phoebe is doing super-baby tricks. I think she will walk by late September. She can stand up without using furniture. She pushes a laundry bin around the house. I took some video for the Grandmas and Aunts and am hoping to get Troy to get it to YouTube for me later.

Britt cleaned out the medical cabinets today and dumbed it down for when she is no longer here. We had her remove all the things we cannot do and now we have a cabinet full of medicine and bandaids and gauze. She had one new machete cut today, it required seven stitches. We're thinking he might be the last guy to get free stitches in La Digue for a while.

Paige deep cleaned her room and bathroom. Then she headed out for her favorite activity, socializing.
The boys made messes for all of us to clean up. Nothing out of the ordinary for them today.
Isaac wants you to know, he has five sleeps left until he goes, but his big sisters only have three.

Monday is nutty, Troy runs to and fro all day, then collapses at 5pm. We're getting a pretty heavy rain right now, which means no one needs him. Rain clears people out in these parts.
We're pooped and headed to bed soon. Here is a blog post I read recently, I thought it was good. We had always struggled to stay within a budget prior to moving here. I'm worried about four months in the USA. I love having nothing to buy, and that - along with no place to go ... It certainly helps keep the spending down! I just thought his post made some valid points.
Have a good evening.