Friday, August 17, 2007

Rain & Wind Coming

We're Minnesota people. We are familiar with Tornadoes. Hurricanes & Tropical Storms are a new thing. The newest projections are saying "Dean" will hit Southern Haiti sometime Saturday afternoon. It has not strengthened that we see, we're just expecting rain and wind. We had no plans to be leaving the mission on Saturday anyway ... although the girls were begging for one last beach or family fun day --- we'll put that off - until October.

Troy came to bed at 11 last night. I said, 'What are you doing here?" He told me that since he only has 8 nights left with me here he ought to switch his schedule. He has been staying up until 1 or 2 am for many weeks --- it is his "alone" time. He'll have lots of that in September. I am glad God did not make me a military wife. I feel high anxiety about the 32 days without Troy, I could never deal with long deployments -- how terrible for those ladies.

Rusty and Cheryl from the Bercy Orphanage came over last night. They brought Britt a night-time stitches patient. She sewed up his lip, he never made a peep. It was the son of one of their employees. They are such nice people. I have no idea how they deal with traveling so often. They live in Northern Florida and come to Haiti at least 7-14 days almost every month. That would take it out of you. It is easier to just stay put.

Troy and Britt are headed to Port with Mme Pierre. Paige and I are going to plug away at the list, watch Noah closely, and hopefully watch one of the illegally re-copied movies that a former missionary kid sent us. ;)

A friend we ran into yesterday claims that I "dropped" since two weeks ago. I have just begun to feel different --- different big or different awkward - so maybe she is onto something. Peter ASKED, so I was telling him how sick of it I am --- he said some really sympathetic thing like "Yeah, that is just the way it is." His wife is due the same time as me. I guess he used up all his sympathy on her.

That's all I know. Have a great day!