Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Play part II

The ride home deserves explanation, but there is no way to explain it well. I MUST say that in many, many months of living here - it easily qualifies as the most exciting ride of all time. The photo is through the windshield you are looking at rushing brown water overtaking our road. The two trucks were loaded with brave Michiganites ... it was POURING and the trucks could not risk trying to cross this spot where the road was washed out. (Mom - it reminded me of that time like 2o years ago in July when we were in that Thrift Way parking lot bawling and stuck in that deep water.) The other truck had Lance laying across the top of it acting as wipers -- yes, at some point a large man was laying on top of the truck moving his arms back and forth in order for Nate to see to drive. It was all very crazy. We ended up leaving the trucks in the village and walking through rushing water to get back into the mission. Hope's eyes have never been bigger, thankfully there were lots of arms to carry little people.
No one from Michigan assaulted our sensibilities by wearing a Speedo. For that we are thankful.