Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Alternate Universe

I am posting from a hospital room in Port au Prince. Wireless Internet in a hospital in Port au Prince. Alternate. Universe. (They did not have wireless in the hospital Lyd was born in back in MN in October!)

The hospital we are at was found via a tip from Zach, his family has used this new hospital before. It is small, only 15 rooms but they are doing a great job for us. Because I don't speak Creole too well at all ... uh, like 40 words won't get you too far ... Jen agreed to stay with me last night. It is just very nerve wrecking to have no idea what is happening or be able to ask questions with the language barrier. Jen was the God given answer to all of this. A Pediatrician who speaks Creole at my side. How amazing is that?

We got here and Lyd was up to almost 104 and was totally lethargic. I was scared to let them do the spinal tap but Jen convinced me that it was important. This morning the labs came back showing bacteria from the spinal tap. They have her on two antibiotics via an IV. Jen says in the USA the same things would have happened and they would also have wanted to keep her for a few days to watch closely.

The ten day thing is the worst case scenario, it really sounds like after a day or two they will trust Jen to take over and give her the rest of the antibiotics via shots from our house. Do you know how many times I have thought: What if Jen was not here, what if Tess was not here? Seriously, God sent angels to help us. I HAVE to stay with Lydia as I am her source of food, so to know that Tess (along with the ever capable and amazing Paige) are holding things together - is reassuring. Thank you God. Tess just told Troy things are totally under control and she EVEN DID SCHOOL work with the Kindergartners today. Over achiever.

Troy is juggling about seven million things right now, a spazzy wife and sick baby being just two of the seven million ... so I think *HE* is the one who could use prayers.

Jen says Lyd probably picked this up here in Haiti but it is also possible that she got it on the plane coming down ...

JEN -- If you want to correct me if I have said anything incorrect or in a stupid way, please do so!

Tess and Paige-
I LOVE you girls and will talk to you later tonight. Britt, you're rock solid ... Lyd will be okay. God is good.

Thank you everyone ... from the bottom of our tired hearts.

tara and troy