Wednesday, January 16, 2008

THRICE as Nice

The baby brigade ... Lydia (the white one) at 3.5 months - Annie at 7.5 weeks - Phoebe 14 months.
We have established a plan. Things are unpacked (mostly) and life is good. This morning Troy took off to go deal with issues around town ... visit a prison ... and run to Port. The first thing he had to do was go talk to a guy who we work with. He has a school and Lifeline provides the food for those kids each school-day. Apparently yesterday the food was late, so the guy refused it. What do you think of that? *I* think ... 1. There is no such thing as late here. This is proven over and over each day. 2. The kids wanted the lunch. 3. The guy apparently does not understand the concept of receiving things well. (I hesitate to say it but really: Beggars can't be choosers ... I teach this concept to my children daily.) How about the guy not let his pride get in the way of some kids receiving their lunch. Weird. Troy was not sure how to talk it through while remaining respectful, but he went with the goal of trying. I bet Troy will do better than I might have. There is a reason he's in charge and not me.
Isaac and Hope and Paige are BACK IN SCHOOL. Paige had a nice break and is back in full swing. I have never homeschooled anyone younger than 5th grade and am actually not all that thrilled to do it ... okay -- total disclosure: I was DREADING it. BUT, day one went well.
Hopefully my attitude continues to improve.My two Kindergarten students were VERY excited about things today. We actually had a lot of fun. Our new vocab word for the day: spent. Isaac was spent at the end of our school day. While I homeschool Tess takes care of the baby brigade, it works out well.
Before I go ... I am soliciting opinions on one topic. Share your thoughts and especially share if you are an expert in this area. Isaac and Hope know less Creole than almost anyone, save Lydia. They are not interested in learning. Have not been in the past, still aren't. I think it is a result of being teased by Haitian kids that wonder why in the heck these two kids don't speak the language. Is it a bad or good idea to have them sit in on a class for kids their age and be forced to listen to Creole for an hour or two every day ... or is that pushing it too much. I am totally undecided. I just know that they would have friends outside of Noah and Phoebe if they would learn.