Thursday, January 17, 2008

When your best just isn't good enough

I have identified a serious problem.

In the past I blogged and told Haiti stories and kept you all up to date on anything interesting that Britt, Troy or Paige had going on ... in addition I tossed in the fun kid stories.

That was a workable option. I was running a small business, I had time to keep up with the action and accurately report it back to you. Things have changed. With the addition of Lydia the milk loving fool, and Annie poops her pants a lot Cleary, and two more kids in school with me for a teacher ... well, this is no small business anymore -- I am running a major corporation. Fortune 500 variety. I don't know if I can keep up with the stories I see and hear. I think my days of keeping you posted are dead and gone.

Here is the deal. Troy actually tells stories very well and DOES know what is worth sharing and what is not, but he is also limited on time. He likes to use his Internet time to look up guitar chords and music, he is not nearly as committed to you, the reader, as I am. All of my Internet time goes to blogs. I am letting you in on a little-known secret so you might be able to convince Troy to write more often. Troy is completely and totally compelled to do the opposite of what he is told to do. It is one of his many personality quirks. If you all leave comments telling him NOT to blog, we might have a chance at hearing from him. Just today I told him I DID NOT want him to hang up the two pictures I brought back from America. This is how he operates. Trust me.

Earlier in the day we heard about a man who turned into a donkey and the people started beating the donkey in anger and fear and then he turned back into a man and the UN police arrested him for burning down a Voudou place on Rte. Nat'l 1. Really. That is the story floating around these parts. Rony told the story, Peter went to check it out further ... both tell a very similar bizarre story --- meanwhile we stand staring at them in disbelief. :)

See, this is good stuff ... if Troy only knew how much we DON'T want him to tell us these things ...

No action on the SuBURDEN (thanks Rick) or the house. One renter came along but we let it fall through based on a really crappy offer. It is easier to not let the stress of these things consume us when we are so far removed (geographically speaking) from it all. Still, it remains a major prayer request. Sell house sell. The propane people billed us for about a billion dollars worth of propane, so we'll be attempting to negotiate with them in the coming days. Apparently propane is now $7,900 per gallon or something.
Today was packed full of action. School went well, the babies did pretty well. Tess made us designer brownies for dessert and Troy and I actually made a real dinner. Everyone really missed the Lipton noodles though. ;)
Britt sounds happy when we talk to her. She emails Troy regularly and says things are great in TX. TO BRITT: Did HE give birth to you? Did HE endure 24 hours of labor to bring you into this world?!?!? I think not. Write to your mother! ;-)
I have big plans of sleeping more in 2008. I am off to work on that plan.