Monday, January 28, 2008

Port au Prince Commute

Lately I've been making far too many drives home from Port au Prince at dusk. I think I've driven home in the dark more times in the last month than all of last year...I can never decide what is worse - trying to see the huge holes in the road at night or trying to see the huge trucks on the road with little or no lighting on them. On Friday night I set the land-speed record making it to the hospital. There were some very lucky cows in Titanyen that had their lives spared by inches.

Here's a little video taken on the drive back from Port au Prince - the sights and sounds, but no smells, and no guns either. No fancy editing this time, but here you go:


(From Tara in PAP) - Lydie and I hope to blow this Popsicle stand by Tuesday late morning. Tess is celebrating a birthday tomorrow and we want to be home for that party. If we are not home for the party ... a major tantrum will be thrown on the floor of this room. Major.

Lyd continues to improve and again seems happier today. Hallelujah!

Thank you for praying us through the last six days. We had no energy to share the other things that were going on ... But I wanted you to know that at the same time we were finding out what Lyd had and learning we would be stuck here for awhile we also had these three phone calls come in during a 12 minute period -

  • A letter came announcing Troy needed to be in court the next morning at 10am for something we thought he would not have to be involved in.
  • The container people called saying the container would be delivered later that day. That means hours and hours of physical labor that cannot wait due to rain and security issues.
  • Isaac and Annie's birthmom called with a major problem hoping we could solve it that instant.

Wednesday a team of 13 arrive from Michigan, we're not ready but they tell us that is okay. We get a pass... We know them well, so we believe them. :) We even wrote them with the missing grocery item and they're bringing it. Zach was our cheese dealer and called us the other day when he found cheese. Have you ever had your friend call and say, "Oh guess what, I am at the store -- THEY HAVE CHEESE !!!-- should I buy it for you?"

This place makes everyone who lives here turn odd.

I can finally laugh at some of these nurses. Before I wanted to strangle the life out of them. You have never seen so many people who are total experts on when a baby should eat and HOW a baby should eat. On Saturday one nurse actually argued with Jen about Lydia being hungry. Jen told her it was not possible because I had been nursing her all day but the nurse wanted me to listen to her RIGHT THEN so she kind of went after Jen. It was so weird. That was the same nurse that tried to calm Lydie by doing some sort of shaken baby syndrome type thing ... you can guess how well Lydie liked that. Odd odd odd.

Have a great day. We love and appreciate you. :)