Friday, January 04, 2008

So Far So Good

Three days in country and so far no contact with Eddy. I call that success. I'm sure I'm missing out on all kinds of scams and other racketeering-type activities. I'll be keeping a low profile, and a fatter wallet because of it.
Maybe I should start one of those countdown tickers on the blog or something to see how long I make it.

All is well back here at the mission. Almost finished unpacking and settling in. The fridge is mostly scent-free after a second thorough cleaning. While checking on a propane gas problem on the second-floor ledge of the house a large rat scampered out from behind a pipe I was leaning on and ran across my foot. I almost fell off the edge. There is a fresh batch of Decon waiting for his next visit. I don't mind them much anymore if I know they're there, it's the surprises I don't like. This one was definitely a surprise.

Tomorrow's schedule includes a Pastor's Training seminar, visits to two children's Bible study clubs, and a trip to Clean Water for Haiti for some fellowship and to deliver the mysteriously disappearing Ipod.

The biggest news of today is that Pastor Rony sheepishly announced to me that his wife is pregnant, with number seven. He was embarrassed about it, but I assured him that I could relate. We discussed the need for some future family planning strategies - for both of us. Please pray for Mme. Rony and Saintillien baby number seven due in July.