Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Speed Blogging

  • Troy spent Monday in Port running errands. A miracle occurred when on one city block in Port au Prince - he successfully completed three errands. This has never happened before and it is highly unlikely to happen ever again.
  • Our Internet is giving us grief. Not working well at night.
  • Our first team of the year comes next week. The grocery store has not had three of the staple items any of the three times we've checked. Team, prepare for rice and beans.
  • Paige baked three different kinds of cookies and muffins yesterday. She has also taken on Britt's old habit of making smoothies nightly. The rest of us love her new hobbies.
  • Lumen, the lady who helps in our house with a few things each day, had a baby boy yesterday. :)
  • Citibank called. The beach charged me $250 instead of $50 last Saturday. Try arguing that one out in this country, gggggrrrrr.
  • Lydia started running a fever at 11pm Sunday night. At 2am this morning (27 hours later)it was 103 - I have contacted Dr. Jen and we're making plans to get her in today. You all know that I am a freak about sick kids ... especially here ... any quick prayers tossed up will be 110% appreciated.
  • Tess successfully figured out how to get Noah to do everything we have failed at getting him to do for months. Last night she told him if he ate all of his dinner she would have to be very angry and maybe even spank him. He of course finished all of his dinner.
  • Annie is doing well. She likes to swing and bounce. She also punishes anyone who does not burp her after two ounces. Tess got the full body puke treatment yesterday.
  • Phoebe is developing a goofy and complex personality. She very much wants to be the center of attention. She also has a temper that rivals all others in the house. We're not going to lie ... this makes us nervous. Phoebe, Noah, Lydia and Annie are all battling to be "the baby of the house."

More when Internet access and interesting information coincide.